Pastor Todd and his wife Eva have ministered at MC since 2010. They have three grown children. Eva works in Acounts Payable at Promedica Health Systems.

He has his masters degree in pastoral ministry from Huntington University and is an ordained elder in the United Brethren in Christ USA.

Pastor Todd comes by way of the plastics industry in which he worked for 16 years at Ford Motor Company's Milan Plant as a Process Engineer in fuel tank manufacturing.

It’s Christmas!

What a wonderful time; a blessed time filled with family and friends, Christmas trees and decorations, special meals and parties, cookies and candies… and gifts!

 Not surprisingly our thoughts turn to gifts;   especially what do I want and what should   I get for friends and family. And it is in answering the latter question that we so often find ourselves stressed and frustrated.

 What do they want or need? How much should I spend? What color? What size? What style? Where can I buy it? It is no wonder that so many finally throw up their hands and opt for gift cards. And it doesn’t make us any less frustrated to know that others are asking those very same questions about their gifts to us.

 But what if there was a perfect gift; one you would never want to return or exchange? What if that gift would always be the perfect size, color and style? 

 God has given us that perfect gift; his Son  Jesus, our Lord and Savior. He is everything that we could ever want, need, or desire. He is the ultimate expression of God’s infinite love.  Jesus is the one who brings us home to God where we find joy and peace beyond  anything the world can offer.

 Jesus brings us out of our darkness and into the light of God’s grace. In Him, we find hope.

 God paid a price beyond measure when He gave us his Son. But for us, Jesus has become the gift of infinite value.

 Let us rejoice and celebrate God’s gracious gift of Jesus and sing the praises of our heavenly Father. Let us never forget amid all the gift bags and wrapped boxes with ribbons and bows, the greatest, the most beautiful, and the most valuable of all gifts: A baby in a manger.

O, come let us adore Him,

Jesus Christ, the newborn King!